Ecological paths in the Meshera park

The main activities of the National Park Meshera are: environmental, scientific, environmental education and tourism and recreation.

Ecological paths in the Meshera park
Meshera ecological paths are comfortable and well-developed walking routes, located in this area, unique due to their beauty and purity of natural sites. The paths open the amazing world of plants and animals to guests, enable to switch off from rush of working days, be energized from the wildlife power and enjoy breathing fresh air.

Meshera forests world, World of fairy tales
This is a looped path beaten close to the settlement of Tasinskiy, in close vicinity to the museum complex Old-Russian town and Russian farmstead with its length of about 3 km.

The path consists of two parts. In its first part, Meshera forests world, visitors are offered insights into the world of tenants of Meshera woods. Information stands, name plates, images of animals and birds living here provide insight into the variety of the local flora and fauna.

In the second part of the route which is World of fairy tales tourists are expected to meet the most famous characters of Russian fairy tales: Baba-Yaga (old witch), Yemelya, Ivan Tsarevitch (Tsars Son Ivan) and many others.

Walking along the ancient Ryazan trade road
The path length is 3 km. It is located on the picturesque bank of the Pol river, exactly where, once upon a time, the trade route to connect Vladimir and Ryazan ran.

Tourists will see the remains of the erstwhile busy trade road, be offered insight into the plant and animal life in the part of the park and visit various biotechnical facilities. There is a well-equipped recreational site Sosnovaya where tourists can take a rest.

Trip to the Meshera wetlands
The path runs in-between rivers of Pol and Buzha. Its length is about 5 km; the central route part is Sergeevo swamp. The main purpose of the path is to show beauty of wetlands and tell about these admirable ecosystems and their significant role in nature.

Travelers are offered insight into extensive works that are performed on the wetlands both for scientific research and restoration of drained swamps. Along the path, there are information stands providing information of wetlands flora and fauna.

Road to Church
This is a short educational path (1.5 km) that leads to one of the most beautiful monuments to the church architecture in the Vladimir Meshera dating back to the XIX century Holy Trinity Church in the village of Erlex.

Tourists will be told an informative story about the church, Erlex churchyard and tribes that inhabited these areas far back in the past and bequeathed their name to these territories.

Archeological trip. Tyukovo ancient settlement
The path runs in close vicinity to the visitor center in the village of Shakino and is perfect continuation of the story about tribes that lived here. Ancient people left marks of their living here and visitors are offered to become archeologists for a while and find something interesting here.

Window to wildlife
The path runs through the typical territory of the Meshera lowland. Walking here offers insight into the plant and animal worlds of the area, enables to admire the picturesque natural monument in the end of the trip which is Seleznevo lake, in the vicinity of which birds live, listed in the Red Book of the Ryazan region.

What is it, Meshera lowland, located in the Ryazan region? Who protects it? Walking along this ecological path, you may learn the history of the park foundation, main areas of its activity, set trees and cater to them, learn how to deal with forest fires all this is included into the tour program.

Paustovskiys path
This path leads to the place of landmark nature in the Ryazan Meshera, the so called Cordon 273, known thanks to the same-name work by the writer K.G. Paustovskiy. The route described by the writer in its essay formed the basis for Paustovskiys path which is one of the most known literal and ecological paths of Meshera.