Visitor center in the Vladimir region

The main activities of the National Park «Meshera» are: environmental, scientific, environmental education and tourism and recreation.

Visitor center in the Vladimir region
The center is located in one of the most beautiful places in Gus-Khrustalny, a bicentennial pine wood being the local reserve named «Barinova roshcha». Its visitors get the first impression of the national park, its arrangement and functions.

In the middle of the visitor center’s exposition there is an electrified model of the national park built-to-scale 1:10 000. During its development one has used the most authentic data on park objects obtained by means of aircraft survey and satellite photography.

Here, one has built a collection of lepidopterans which is the largest one in the Vladimir region to number more than 700 species of butterflies of 44 families living in the national park area. The collection of hard-winged insects can spark at least equal interest – it numbers 503 species of beetles to include 8 ones listed in the Red Book of the Vladimir region.

The main items of another collection to be exhibited are lichens. The exhibition includes 22 species to represent all basic life forms of lichens (crustaceous, foliose and fruticose lichens).
Visitor-center in the Ryazan region
The visitor center in the village of Shakino, Klepiki rayon, Ryazan region, introduces the ancient culture of Finno-Ugrian tribes of hunters and fishermen.

Here, a large collection of archaeological findings in Ryazan-located Meshera is exhibited. Experts will show you how primitive people controlled fire in those times when fires of the pioneer settlements were burning and introduce ancient methods of making and decorating greybeards.