Museum of Local Lore

The main activities of the National Park «Meshera» are: environmental, scientific, environmental education and tourism and recreation.

Museum of Local Lore
The admirable museum of local lore in the open air, located in the settlement of Tasinskiy, is comprised of 3 expositions.

«Old-Russian settlement» exposition gives insight to types of structures and constructions characteristic of the Middle Ages. The exposition shows «development» of Russian towns in X-XIV centuries. As a basis, samples of standard old-Russian structures were taken, peculiar to ancient settlements.

The «Russian farmstead» exposition exactly reproduces details of peasants’ life. Here, you can see various types of fences, wells, steam baths, haystacks, stacks of wood, roof coverings, window linings and footways.

The «Russian izba (log hut) exposition» reconstructs interiors of Meshchera peasants’ log huts in the end of XIX and beginning of XX centuries. The authors have reached similarity in details and nuances, having used, among other things, survived original objects and antiques.

One of the tour highlights will be a visit to the nature corner of the museum where the she-bear Natalya Potapovna and the fox, brown with a black tint, named Kuzma, live.